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Legal Opinions

There are times, (particularly under threat of litigation, contemplating initiation of litigation, or before sale of a business) that a company needs a legal opinion on complex patent law issues to make informed decisions.

Our experienced team of lawyers (having an average of more than 15 years’ experience with patents), can provide you with an opinion. Opinions are often limited to determining infringement of a patent or series of patents by an accused device or process; validity of a patent; and enforceability of a patent.

For example, if an opinion determines that an accused product is unlikely to infringe a patent, then often times it is unnecessary to evaluate whether the patent at issue can withstand an attack on its validity.

When a business wants a comprehensive analysis and opinion including advice on a portfolio of patents detailing infringement of accused products, validity of the patents, and enforceability of the patents, our team will provide opinions to guide you. If issues arise in analyzing your portfolio, we can help you design around obstacles or redirect research in a way that minimizes litigation risk or maximizes return on investment in your portfolio.