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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Your key competitor has just launched a new product line under a name that is similar to one of your product names and your sales numbers show that you are suddenly losing customers. One of your best managerial employees just quit and has opened a competing business, and you’re not sure how the non-compete agreement she signed when she was hired comes into play. You just got a letter in the mail claiming that your business is infringing a competitor’s patent, and you’re not sure how or why.

Disputes over intellectual assets are rarely welcome events, but they are bound to arise, and in a variety of contexts. Whatever the origin or nature of dispute, it is important to protect your most valuable assets by partnering with a firm that knows the ins and outs of the dispute resolution process. Altera will be your partner in this often stressful time, educating you on your options at each critical juncture and working with you to develop budgets, strategies and outcome projections.

Although litigation is rarely the most welcome turn of events, it is important that the hard work and resources you have dedicated to the development and maintenance of your intellectual assets not be compromised.

As with the other services Altera offers, we take a unique approach to litigation and dispute resolution. Statistics show that approximately 95% of disputes involving intellectual property settle out of court. Traditional law firms, however, have generally not changed the way they approach resolution of intellectual asset disputes to reflect this statistic. It is unfortunately all too common for most firms to charge headfirst into battle, oftentimes engaging in premature and costly courtroom tactics.

To the contrary, Altera focuses more acutely on the value of disputes. Specifically, Altera’s combination of intellectual property attorneys coupled with business attorneys and strategic counselors are uniquely suited to value not only the assets at issue but also the value of the dispute as a whole, which allows for creative settlement opportunities and litigation budgets that get you where you need to go at a fair price.