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Case Plan Based on Value of Dispute

Statistics show that approximately 95% of disputes involving intellectual property settle out of court. While most law firms don’t take the reality of early settlement into account in litigation management, oftentimes engaging in premature and costly courtroom tactics and discovery before analyzing dispute resolution options, Altera employs a different model in a different way. Altera’s dispute resolution group brings a unique approach to the situation – a focus on both the psychology and the value of disputes.

Specifically, Altera offers a wealth of experience in damages assessment and strategic negotiation proceedings. This by design makes Altera uniquely suited to value not only the intellectual assets at issue but also the value of the dispute as a whole, which allows for creative settlement opportunities and counseling. Oftentimes creative settlement scenarios and expert assessment of dispute outcomes will pave the way toward efficient resolution of disputes before having to even walk into a courtroom.

Charging into litigation and pouring valuable resources into the process before even stopping to assess why the parties are there, what the value of the intellectual property at issue really is, and what creative solutions might exist to align rather than divide the parties, is rarely a recipe for a satisfied client. Altera, in recognizing that most disputes will settle in the end, proactively works to analyze the economic value of a dispute at the outset and works from there toward resolutions.

No one wants to find themselves in the middle of a dispute, but if you do, Altera will be your partner in making sure the process is as painless and inexpensive as possible.