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Portfolio Mining

Creating a portfolio of intellectual property assets for your business, and obtaining the attendant legal protections for those assets, can require considerable time, effort and money. If that portfolio is not properly managed, enforced and leveraged, much if not all of this investment will have been wasted. Moreover, as service and product offerings oftentimes have a shelf life and do not live forever, it is important to periodically review the portfolio to determine whether some protections should be retired. Too often, companies routinely pay maintenance fees and other protection-related expenses in areas that the company has chosen not to pursue, or for products and services that are no longer viable in the market.

Altera partners with its clients not only in valuing their intellectual property portfolio and strategically planning for the protection of those assets to leverage their value, but also in maintaining those protections, reevaluating the value and necessity for the protections and enforcing the rights acquired by virtue of those protections. We offer a bundle of services around the strategic management of intellectual property portfolios that ensures your investment is maximized and your opportunities for leveraging the portfolio for profit are not lost.