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IP Consulting

Many companies are so consumed with seeking to achieve the core objectives of the business that they lack the time and resources to make sure that their intellectual assets are properly protected.

We are available to help you keep focused on this critical objective. Some of the projects we have undertaken for other clients include:

  • Developing invention awareness programs (making sure that the R&D staff has the right incentive to bring innovative ideas to management for consideration for IP protection)
  • Developing trade secret protection programs (making sure that the company is taking the correct steps internally to ensure that the secrets stay secret)
  • Developing employment agreements that properly assign inventive efforts (including authorship) to the company
  • Keeping proper records of invention to be able to prove your inventive efforts
  • Creating branding development programs
  • Monitoring changes in the law leading to changes in best practices for intellectual asset protection and enforcement

Whatever your specific needs are, we are available to help – to educate, to bolster programs, to enhance not only your practices but also your bottom line.