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IP Due Diligence

Parties considering a merger or acquisition of significant value, potential licensees of a patent, trademark or trade secret, and investors should conduct a due diligence investigation before finalizing the transaction. The most important source of value is often the intangible intellectual property rights owned by an entity. Counsel skilled in patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, intellectual property litigation, and transactions are uniquely situated to conduct a due diligence investigation. Altera Law Group has experienced intellectual property attorneys with this unique set of analytic skills.

Altera Law Group has an IP due diligence team with broad technical and legal experience. When appropriate, we partner our legal professionals with experienced technical experts, and break down the technology and legal protection to provide insightful opinions. Question any attorney or team whom you are considering to undertake a complex intellectual property investigation – you may find that their actual expertise is narrow, such as patent prosecution without litigation experience, or vice versa. Put Altera’s due diligence team to the test – ask the hard questions. We do not shy away from providing answers to tough questions.

Once you’ve selected an intellectual property attorney or due diligence team, that attorney or attorneys should be involved as soon as possible in the due diligence investigation, preferably before negotiations and definitely before the decision stage. Time is of the essence in these transactions and investigations, and without an experienced IP counsel at the helm, you may run aground. Let Altera Law Group help you chart the waters before you dive into a new venture.