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Value-Added Services

Altera is committed to providing value to our clients beyond that obtainable from other firms. We start with our counseling capabilities. Like most law firms, we can provide high quality counseling on technology and business strategy. Unlike most law firms, however, the average time in practice for our patent attorneys is more than 15 years. That experience makes a huge difference.

We also employ Ph.D. level scientists, who speak the language of your inventors, to help you describe and frame your inventions in the most optimal way to enable the patents that you need to advance your business. These scientists average over 22 years in industry as technology developers themselves. We employ these talents because we are committed to helping you get the best legal services that serve your overall business needs.

In addition, we offer other value-added services. These include everything from client educational seminars to helping start-ups find sources of capital. These services demonstrate our commitment to going above and beyond what typical outside counsel is willing or able to do.

With our legal, technical and business experience, we can help you refine your concept of intellectual property and possibly even lead you to areas you had not considered – such as new methods, applications, or even markets that you had not previously considered.

The following examples illustrate our commitment.

Altera holds quarterly seminars at the firm for clients and prospective clients on topics of interest in intellectual property and business law. Recently we held a series of seminars on branding. A client representative attended one of these seminars and found it so valuable that he asked the firm to deliver the message on-site to key managers. Upon hearing the message, the key managers found it so valuable, that they wanted their CEO to hear it. The CEO found it so valuable that he asked Altera to return yet again and present the message to the Board of Directors. Following that, the company revised its brand strategy and is now pursuing that strategy with a great deal of success.

A new client presented himself at the firm for an initial consultation. At that first meeting we determined that the patent his company needed to immediately pursue was going to be barred due to a public disclosure nearly a year prior. Altera staff rearranged their schedules, and in six business days the patents were secured and the deadlines met.

Altera also employs state of the art systems, processes and technologies to better serve your needs. For further information, see Our Process.