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Business Law with a Technology Twist

Our first focus is on your business. We want to learn about you, your competitors, and your intellectual and technology assets. This knowledge will assist us in deciding what legal protection we can employ to help you protect those assets. We want to know everything that might influence the type, scope and nature of the legal protection you want us to pursue. Knowing that, we will be in a better position to provide you with what you need to further your business objectives, not just to obtain a patent or trademark. We want you to be spending your money on your strategy, not simply on your patents and trademarks.

As the intellectual assets you develop need to be deployed within your strategic context, we want to understand and participate in that greater context. We employ a wide range of legal and business expertise that can help fit all of the pieces together. We help you structure your business plans to match what your IP and technology is capable of delivering, and your IP and technology to deliver what your business plan depends on.

Our most senior lawyers have participated in law firm management and growth, have distinguished themselves as practice leaders within their specialties and have developed lasting relationships throughout the business community. They have joined Altera to continue leveraging their expertise while providing the unique services our firm’s scope offers. This means that for budgeted dollars your business may have access to business/legal minds normally not available on an “on-call” basis. These services may be as simple as seeking monthly or quarterly consultations on current issues for an hour or two; or as complex as providing strategic direction planning or ideas for asset utilization alternatives.