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Application and Prosecution

Altera’s skilled team of trademark professionals is capable of securing for you federal registration for your protectable marks. But we go above and beyond the simple act of filing paperwork on your behalf. We work with you to develop a branding strategy that fits your objectives and secure trademark rights that support and enhance that strategy. Then, we use the legal tools available to give enforceable meaning to that strategy.

We work with you to help you determine what your branding objectives are. If you have already developed those objectives, we seek to understand them. Then we bring our expertise to make sure that you have the legal rights to the critical elements of your branding strategy. Is your identity properly protected? Are you securing rights that will be meaningful to your company’s future? Are you protected on the Internet? Does your enforcement strategy fit your strategic objectives?

At Altera, we work with you to make sure that you have a legally secure position that fits with your overall branding objectives. It’s not just sensible legal advice, it’s good for your business.