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How We Manage Files

Through a partnership with ProLaw, a subsidiary of Thomson Elite Group, Altera is able to offer best-in-class case management and docketing systems. Altera and ProLaw have committed to making Altera Law Group the first IP law firm in the country to fully integrate case management, docketing, timekeeping, and billing functions. Our clients are the beneficiaries of that collaborative effort.

Not only are all systems of Altera integrated for better reliability and efficiency, but they are all electronic. While we still maintain paper files, our work processes and procedures assure that documents and work product related to a client matter is included in an integrated electronic file. If desired, you can even dispense with maintaining paper files in your company and have us take on the burden of document management, at no extra charge to you. We maintain the paper file, and make available to you all information on-line.

If you would like a demonstration of our on-line capabilities, contact us and we will arrange a private showing.